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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Founder & Astrology
Our founder, Vikram, was always intrigued with Astrology and was introduced to it by his mother during his childhood. Being a curious mind himself, he would eagerly wait for Sunday to read the weekly forecast in their local daily. As he embarked on his professional journey, Vikram's connections with local astrologers faded, prompting him to seek guidance from new astrologers. Sometimes he went to them to seek advice on important life decisions, such as relationships, career, or personal growth. Other times it was to learn more about his personality, strengths, and challenges, or for many other reasons. Over the years Vikram has found that astrology-based guidance played the role of an invisible guiding force in his life, and is determined to bring that enlightening strength to the public.
Why build Melooha?
Unfortunately, the pool of talented astrologers is limited, and many of them are located in remote areas, speak only the local language, and have little to no online presence or advertising, making them hard to find. That made Vikram think, "If Astrology has helped me so much, why can't I implement a scalable solution with the use of the latest available technologies so that every human being on the planet can be benefited?". With thorough background research into the internal logic and mechanisms of Vedic Astrology, Vikram was convinced of the potential of a hyper-personalised Astrology as a service platform powered by AI, and so founded Melooha.
What is Melooha?
Seeking guidance is a basic human need. We have been going to our friends, family, GOD, and sometimes to professionals like Psychologists & Astrologers to fulfil this need. Melooha is an AI powered, hyper personalised Astrology platform that services this fundamental need. It provides personalised guidance based on an individual's unique birth details, including their specific date, place, and time of birth.
What does Melooha Mean?
"Melooha" takes its name from the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation, a place where "Rishis" and "Munis" would meditate to attain extraordinary abilities. This is also considered the birthplace of Astrology. Thus, the name "Melooha" aptly reflects the essence of this hyper-personalised platform.
What does the Melooha Logo Represent?
SUN, MOON, and STAR are the three pillars of astrology. The Sun to represents identity, energy, and personal goals. The moon represents our emotions, the wisdom within us, and the rhythms of life. And lastly the star. Melooha’s star is not meant to signify any one star. In astrology, the term “star” refers to any celestial body that looks down upon us, including planets. Melooha’s “star” represents the many stars that create flux and flow onto the different energies and qualities that permeate the world we inhabit.

The logo also has the "M" of Melooha, and gives a feeling of an "eye" into the future!
Who is Vaani?
Vaani is Melooha's chatbot who is the personification of the future that can answer your questions today. Vaani's meaning comes from the full name "BhavishyaVaani" which means future insights. We hope that the bhavishyas Vaani generates for you provide comfort through the challenges of your life-journey. In addition to Vaani's persona in Melooha, Vaani also happens to be the name of Melooha founder's daughter.
What age group is Melooha for?
Melooha's content and features are tailored to be accessible and engaging for all age groups who have access and know-how of how to utilise mobile applications.
Can I use Melooha on the web?
Unfortunately Melooha is not accessible on the web through your PC or phone. However, users can easily engage with the features and services of the platform through the Melooha App found at the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.
How does astrology work?
Astrology is a discipline that delves into the effects that celestial bodies have on human life. It utilises hyper-accurate measurements of the positions of planets and stars at the time of one’s birth and the present to offer profound insights into various aspects of existence. At its core, the same means by which the moon rises and recedes the tides, the moon's waxing and waning affects the changing tides of the human soul.
What is Vedic Astrology?
Vedic astrology is a sacred science that originates from the Vedas, with its foundations rooted in the Rigveda. It is also referred to as Vedang Jyotish, with 'Jyotish' being the eye among the six limbs of the personified Veda. The other limbs include Kalp (hands), Nirukta (ears), Shiksha (nose), Vyakaran (face), and Chhand (feet/legs).

Jyotish, or astrology, is a comprehensive system that encompasses planets, signs, and nakshatras. Within Vedic astrology, special emphasis is placed on the moon's nakshatra at the time of birth, which aids in predicting the timing of events.
Is astrology a science or an art?
Astrology is the science of stars which becomes an art when one predicts events with the help of the horoscope.
What is the meaning of Jyotish?
Jyotish = Jyoti +Ish  i. e. Light (प्रकाश) + God (ईश्वर), light and source of enlightenment.
What are the three main divisions (Skandh) of Indian astrology?
The three main divisions (Skandh) of Indian astrology are Siddhant, Sanhita and Hora.
What does Astrology reveal?
Astrology unveils how celestial bodies influence human life, providing guidance on the positive or negative effects of planetary influences.
What is a horoscope?
A horoscope is the pictorial representation of the stars and planets in the sky at the time of the individual's birth.
What is the difference between Moon sign Vs Sun sign based astrology?
The moon sign can offer a more nuanced and detailed understanding of a person's emotions and inner self, as it takes into account the specific positioning of the moon at the time of a person's birth. Additionally, because the moon changes signs every two and a half days, while the sun changes signs every 30 days, the moon sign can provide more specific information about timing in a person's life.
What is the meaning of the Sun sign?
The Sun sign represents the position of the Sun at the time of an individual's birth and is associated with specific personality traits, characteristics, and general themes.
What is the meaning of the Moon sign?
The Moon sign refers to the zodiac sign in which the Moon was located at the time of an individual's birth and is associated with emotions, instincts, and the inner self.
What is the meaning of the Ascendant sign?
The Ascendant is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. It represents the image you project to the world and plays a crucial role in determining the overall structure of your chart.
What is Tithi?
Each day of a lunar month is referred to as a Tithi, calculated by subtracting the degree difference between the sun and moon and dividing it by 12 degrees. The quotient, plus 1, indicates the corresponding Tithi.
What is the use of Tithi?
Tithi holds significance within the lunar month, serving to identify auspicious moments, known as muhurt, for commencing ventures, engaging in spiritual and religious activities, as well as timing events in Jyotish (astrology).
What is Ephemeris?
Ephemeris refers to astronomical tables that detail the positions of celestial objects in the sky at specific intervals of time. With the aid of ephemeris, Melooha can accurately predict the future positions of celestial objects.
What form of Astrology is used by Melooha?
Melooha is based on a conjunction of Vedic, Western & Jaimini astrology to provide our users with the most comprehensive astrological insights.
What is the difference between Western and Indian Astrology?
Western and Indian horoscopes, rooted in distinct astrological traditions, showcase notable differences in their approach to celestial interpretations. In the big picture, western astrology utilises the tropical zodiac and focuses on the sun's position through the twelve signs. Indian astrology utilises the sidereal zodiac and focuses on how the star constellations & moon signs position through the twelve signs. While both systems share the common thread of interpreting celestial positions, Western and Indian horoscopes employ different astrological methods, each offering a unique lens through which individuals seek guidance and self-awareness.
What are the main features of Western Astrology?
Western Astrology is a system of astrology that uses the tropical zodiac and incorporates solar signs, transits, and their progressions to provide guidance information based on each individual's natal chart. Western astrology aims to guide people by providing character-based personality insights and big-picture life events advice.
What are the main features of Vedic Astrology?
Indian horoscope, or Vedic Astrology, follows the sidereal zodiac, considering the actual positions of stars. It features twelve signs, aligning with star constellations, and placing significant importance on the Moon sign. The predictive techniques involve dashas (planetary periods), yogas (to unite), and gochara (transits).The purpose of Vedic Astrology extends beyond self-reflection, encompassing predictions related to life events, marriage compatibility, and guidance in decision-making.
What is Jaimini Astrology?
Jaimini astrology follows similar guidelines as Vedic Astrology but with a few important additions for greater insight into your personal life, relationships, and spiritual journey. Firstly, Jaimini astrology determines great periods in your life through signs instead of planets. Secondly, Jaimini utilizes sign aspects instead of planet aspects. When a planet is positioned in a sign, that planet will not only affect the sign occupied but also other signs whose aspect relates to the occupied sign.
What are Melooha's Free Products?
Meloola's goal is to support users throughout their daily lives through a select offering of free products that can be found on Melooha's Home screen. These offerings are available to all to help users by answering one main question "How will my day be today?". To answer this question we offer a personalised daily insight message, recommendations for daily lucky colour & number, and daily Choghadiya (auspicious period) & Rahu Kaal (inauspicious period) timings. We hope these free general insights aid you in planning your day every morning!
How can Today's Insights help me plan my day?
The Melooha Today's Insights provides a quick overview of what to expect during our user's day. The concise title is meant to help you set your mood for the day, while the full insights provide a brief but detailed snapshot of key themes and events. These are based on the Date, Time & Place of Birth of the user.
What is Choghadiya and how can I use it to plan my day?
Choghadiya provides information about auspicious times during the day. This is based on the current location. Choghadiya is the most auspicious period of the day to perform auspicious tasks. In south india a similar concept to Choghadiya is called Gowri Panchangam.
What is Rahu Kaal and how can I use it to plan my day?
Rahu Kaal provides information about inauspicious times during the day when This is based on the current location. Rahu Kaal would especially not be beneficial to start something new. These times are meant for users to understand when important decisions are not to be made.
What does a lucky colour mean and how can I use it?
Each element in Vedic astrology is represented by a specific color that carries specific aura and energy with them, either positive or negative. Once you know your lucky color, you can use it in every situation of the day. This is based on the brith moon sign of the user.
What does a lucky number mean and how can I use it?
Each element in Vedic astrology is represented by a specific number that carries specific aura and energy with them, either positive or negative. Once you know your lucky number, you can use it in every situation of the day. This is based on the brith moon sign of the user.
What is the "Charts" screen for?
Melooha generates a personalised birth chart based on the Date of Birth (DOB), Place of Birth (POB) & Time of Birth (TOB) of every individual. This chart serves as a unique astrological snapshot of the positions of celestial bodies at the time of the user's birth. The chart is a diagram representation of several key astrological aspects including: the planets, the signs, the houses, the ascendant (rising sun sign), the aspects, the lunar nodes, and representations of retrograde planets.
What do the "ThumbsUp" & "ThumbsDown" buttons do?
Melooha has implemented a like/dislike feature on all user content so that our users can always indicate to Melooha how they feel about the accuracy of the content they are receiving. This helps Melooha better tailor our content in general and personalised our content better for our users!
What are Melooha Questions?
Melooha's "Questions" feature allows users to ask personalised questions on the topic of their interest. Few sample questions are listed below:
- How will be my day today?
- Will I be RICH & FAMOUS?
- Will I get a job in next 3 months?
- Can I be successful as a sportsman?Or ask anything else.

The more context you give, the better Melooha gets at answering the question. Context may include your time, place, condition, or anything else.
Can I ask questions about specific time periods?
Yes, all users can ask questions for individuals for specific time-periods. An example of this would be "What are my chances of finding a job in the next three months".
What are Melooha Reports?
Melooha's Reports section is a unique tool that provides users with personalised and relevant astrological guidance on specific topics. This helps pinpoint to users what potential hurdles may happen and what advantages await for the next year & more.

Some report topics include Personality Traits, Intelligence, Education, Career, Health, and much more!
Can I re-order reports for myself?
Yes, once the period of the report has elapsed, you can order the report for the next year or years! The period of the report is defined in the report description and can either be for the next year, for the next two years, or for your lifetime.
What are Melooha Family Groups?
Melooha offers family groups for users to better connect with those they love the most. It is a specific group of people you can view in the "You" section on the Melooha App.
What features can be used by joining a Family Group?
Users gain the ability to use Melooha for their family members through switching profiles. This feature can be used to switch profiles for someone already on Melooha, or by manually adding their birth data! In addition, all members of a family group share a common product bank. This allows resources within a family to be pooled and used like a family-style dinner!
Is there a limit to the number of family members I can add?
No, there is no limit to the number of family members you can add. You can add as many family members as you wish to switch profiles to & wish to share a shared product bank!
Can I share my Melooha insights with my friends?
You can share your Daily Insights, Questions, and Reports with people outside Melooha by clicking on the share icon, and picking the appropriate social media channel.
Who can add members to a family group?
Only the family group admin can add/edit/remove members to the family group. To become an admin a user either needs to create a family group or have the ownership of the group transferred to them.
Who can pay for products in the to the family bank?
Any user who is a member of a family group can order Questions or Report bundles to be added to the family group's product bank.
Who can use products from the family group product bank?
Any user who is a member of their family group can consume Questions or Reports from their family group's product bank.
Do Questions/Reports expire?
All Melooha products (questions and reports) do not have an expiry date. Use them when you need them!
What can I query about my family members?
Users can switch profiles to any other member of their family group to order Questions or Reports in their name, This will generate a response from Melooha that is specifically targeted towards that family group member's profile.
What algorithms does Melooha use to derive results?
The specific proprietary details of Melooha's algorithms are confidential. However, the platform employs a blend of NASA data, statistical models, machine learning, and astrological calculations to analyse and interpret individual birth details. These principles are used in confluence to generate personalized insights, guidance, and recommendations for all user types!
What are the limitations of Melooha when it comes to the questions it can answer?
The accuracy of Melooha's insights depends on the accuracy of the personal details provided by the user. The platform relies on specific birth details such as date, time, and place to generate personalized guidance. Inaccurate or incomplete information may impact the precision of Melooha's guidance and insights provided by Melooha.
Is the answer given by Melooha the same as that by a human astrologer?
The answers provided by Melooha can be largely remarkable compared to those given by a real-life astrologer. Melooha utilises advanced astrology algorithms to generate insights that are not affected by the possibility of human miscommunication, error, & inexperience. Factors such as the astrologer's expertise, intuition, and personal interaction with the individual might lead to variations in advice and guidance which Melooha solves by removing the human room for error. Ultimately, both sources aim to offer insights based on astrological principles, but the consistency of results from Melooha's AI system resolves many of the consistency issues with human-interpreted astrology.
Are my personal details shared with anyone?
No. We will never share your personal details (Date of Birth, Time of Birth, & Place of Birth) with anyone. This includes other corporations, other Melooha users, or other family members you are connected to on Melooha.
Is my account information accessible to members of my family group?
Each Melooha account is private and password-protected, so your family members cannot access your profile on their account. A Melooha's account's personal data (Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth) is completely private to their account and cannot be accessed or edited by any other user.
Is my account Questions/Reports history accessible to members of my family group?
No, your personal Questions/Reports history is only accessible to you - the user asking the questions or ordering the reports. Even if you order a product through a family member's profile, what you asked/ordered is only visible to you; the user requesting the product. But, how many questions and reports are orders is visible to other members of your family group.
Is there any public or social feed where friends' activities are visible to others?
Melooha's social interactions are primarily private between Melooha users. There is no public or social feed where Melooha user's activities are visible to other users. Currently, if you wish to share a Melooha insight with your loved ones "pressing" the share button on the bottom of the insight will allow you to share your insight through third party applications.
How is my personal data encrypted to ensure it is secure during transmission and storage?
Melooha utilises industry-standard encryption protocols to secure your personal data at all points of transmission and storage. These measures are in place to protect your information from unauthorised access.
How will I be notified of any policy updates?
Melooha will always update users on any changes to our privacy policy as a clear pop-up that will display the changed document title, a brief description of the changes, and a link to the new policy document.
Does Melooha offer gemstone recomendations?
At present, Melooha doesn't provide recommendations for suitable gemstones. If learning about gemstone recommendations is important to you, we would love to hear your feedback in-app through the feedback section in the preferences.
Does Melooha offer vastu recommendations?
Melooha does not currently provide Vastu services for homes. If learning about gemstone recommendations is important to you, we would love to hear your feedback in-app through the feedback section in the preferences.
Does Melooha offer numerology recommendations?
Melooha does not operate on the concept of numerology. Instead, our platform focuses on Indian sidereal astrology, utilising the moon sign for calculations to provide personalised guidance based on individual birth details.
Can Melooha tell me about events in my past life?
At this time, Melooha does not provide information about events in past lives. Our platform focuses on offering personalised guidance & insights for user's current life journey.
Can Melooha provide insights into compatibility?
Currently, Melooha doesn't offer insights into compatibility. While this feature isn't available yet, we're working on incorporating compatibility insights in the future to enhance the personalized guidance we offer. If learning more about compatibility is important to you, we would love to hear your feedback through your preferences!
Does Melooha provide remedies?
Melooha currently doesn't provide specific or general remedies for problems. Melooha's focus lies in offering guidance-based astrological advice to better allow users to take the initiative in their lives.